Choosing Village School

“Girls aged eight and nine are confident, assertive, and feel authoritative about themselves. Yet most emerge from adolescence with a poor self-image, constrained views of their future and their place in society, and much less confidence about themselves and their abilities…adolescent girls are more likely than boys to have their declining sense of themselves inhibit their actions and abilities. This difference between girls and boys grows more pronounced with age.”

Is Village School best for my daughter?

This excerpt from Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America, a nationwide poll commissioned by the American Association of University Women, raises great concern. Parents regularly confront questions about how, what, and from whom their child will learn. Village School seeks to be an active participant in the extension of parental concern. The standards of Village School are designed specifically to meet the needs of young women by promoting confident, enthusiastic, and responsible young learners. An academically rigorous curriculum including Latin, English, humanities, math and science will provide the foundation for meeting our objectives of effective self-expression and self-confidence.

Village School Offers:

  • Grades 5 through 8
  • Highly personalized instruction, with small class size
  • An academic, traditional course of learning
  • A curriculum of English, humanities, Latin, math, science, fine arts, physical education
  • A downtown location which enables access to the public library, arts, theatre, and physical recreation as part of our educational process
  • A faculty committed to engendering a love of learning in each student