“To have spent these critical years shoulder to shoulder with other girls solving problems, translating Latin, memorizing poems, reading philosophy, doing science labs, singing songs, playing music–that is what will truly transform your life. To see other girls, and then women, as your strength, your resource, your teammate, your comfort–this will change you, and this will set you apart.”
–Kelli Block, parent, ’14, ’16, ’18

The standards of Village School are designed specifically to meet the needs of young women by promoting confident, enthusiastic, and responsible young learners. An academically rigorous curriculum including Latin, English, humanities, math and science will provide the foundation for meeting our objectives of effective self-expression and self-confidence.

Village School Offers:

  • Grades 5 through 8
  • Highly personalized instruction, with small class size
  • A highly academic curriculum of English, Humanities, Latin, Math, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education
  • A downtown location which enables access to the public library, arts, theatre, and physical recreation as part of our educational process
  • A faculty committed to engendering a love of learning in each student

Mission Statement

6 Village 4 School students at the ice skating rink

School Standards