Small Teacher/Student Ratio

Small classes provide for greater individual attention and for more interactive classroom instruction. The learning process is most successful within a community of people who know and care for one another.

Same Faculty Teaching the Core Classes for Grades 5-8

The continuity of instructors makes for an uninterrupted progression of learning for the student. Classroom learning will be built upon a personal realization of mutual respect and trust between the student and the instructor. Learning at Village School will reach a greater depth because the curriculum is designed with a longer horizon than just a single year, allowing the realization of longer-term objectives.

Opportunity for Parental Involvement in School Activities and Functions

We recognize and wish to encourage the importance of parental support in a child’s education. Furthermore, sharing ideas across generational boundaries is a learning experience for all ages.

Opportunity for Rich Field Trip Experiences

Taking advantage of local and regional resources will be a focus of Village School activities. Emphasizing the theme that the world around us is our classroom, Village School exposes students to a vast variety of learning experiences.

Commitment to the Fostering of Academic Skills Which Promote a Lifetime of Learning

The Village School curriculum emphasizes the development of academic skills. However, through the use of a challenging and stimulating curriculum, the central aim of Village School is to instill an enthusiasm and love for learning. A student’s awareness that learning is both fun and rewarding will serve as an impetus throughout her lifetime.

The Educational Process is to Provide the Opportunity for Every Student to Transform Information Into Personal Understanding

Individual self-fulfillment and self-esteem are greatly enhanced through the mastery of learning skills. The skills of logical reasoning, active listening, clear verbal and written expression allow each young woman to create her own meaning of the world around her and covey that meaning to others.

  • As an integral part of a person’s life, learning sculpts the hopes and dreams of a lifetime.
  • The goal of education is to provide the skills by which information can be transformed into personal understanding.
  • We all share in the task of learning, but the true learning process occurs within each individual’s mental activity of creating meaning and understanding of the world.
  • It is important for students to develop a sense of community and for the school to foster a commitment to community service.