Student Life @ Village School


Through the use of a challenging and stimulating curriculum, Village School instills an enthusiasm and love for learning. A student's awareness that learning is both fun and rewarding will serve as an impetus throughout her lifetime.

Student Life @ Village School


The study and practice of art, music, dance, and drama allows the girls to discover, embrace and excel beyond academics during their time at Village School.

Student Life @ Village School


A downtown location which enables access to the public library, arts, theatre, and physical recreation as part of our educational process.

Student Life @ Village School


Emphasizing the theme that the world around us is our classroom, Village School exposes students to a vast variety of learning experiences.

Student Life @ Village School

Guest Speakers

Learning experiences are enriched with frequent guest speakers. Community leaders and local professionals link the classroom to the real world.

Village School is a middle school for girls in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Village School is an avenue for young women to find their own voices as learners. We believe that effective self-expression and self-confidence arise out of the mastery of skills. Our goal is to provide each student with the tools for transforming information into personal understanding and communicating it effectively.

  • Grades 5 through 8
  • Highly personalized instruction, with small class size
  • An academic, traditional course of learning
  • A curriculum of English, humanities, Latin, math, science, fine arts, physical education
  • A faculty committed to engendering a love of learning in each student


Your donation supports our mission of providing girls a place to grow into confident, self-reliant, and intellectually curious learners.


Parent Conferences are March 2 and 5.


From Our Parents:

"Both of our girls came away with a love of learning, first and foremost, and a genuine curiosity about the world."- Parent of Village School Alumnae '01 & '06